Loving The Toxic Man

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Do you find yourself feeling miserable or unhappy . . . but you can’t imaging yourself without him? Do you find yourself trying to please him or keep his attention . . . even though he doesn’t treat you the same way? I totally understand.  I’ve been there before. read You feel like he’s the…

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Your Sex Rules

 Dear Coach Tatia: Been dating Stephan for 3 months.  We have a good connection.  He wants to have sex.  I want to. But not yet.  I feel like a slut sleeping with him this soon.  But I want to.  I get really shy about sex.  We’ve had oral sex and I did like you said…

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Stop Longing For Him (Imaginary Relationship)

how to stop longing for a man

Dear Tee: Feeling like I’m losing myself to this man.  A good guy.  A real man.  I want to spend all of my time with him and live my life with him.  Am I rushing this?  What should I do to stop longing for him and wanting him?  We’ve only gone out three times in…

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