Pause . . . And Just Be

letting go of the urge to control the relationship

No matter how much you lean back  Do you still find yourself feeling like putting demands on your man? Wanting him to do things the way you want them done? Are you wanting to control how he treats you?   I’ve been there and it can feel awful. You feel yourself leaning forward but you…

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The Booty Call Rule

the booty call rule

The Side Chick Guide => ♥ Trigger His Emotional Desire => ♥ How to Make Him Feel Wanted => ♥ Being Seductive => ♥   Dear Tatia:   You have a rule for everything about men, what about a booty call rule? Do you have one of those?  I am in love with Greg.  I…

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Leaning Back When You’re In Love

  Ahhhhhhh, that feeling of being in love, Of being the target of his attention, Of feeling his arms around you, hearing his voice and knowing you’re loved. It feels so good. Point is, you want to make this last. You want this to grow. You want more. This is that tricky point in life…

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Getting Through A Break Up

getting through a breakup

Coach Tatia – please help me get through this week. If I can stop myself from calling  D for the next few days – can you help me? Can you tell me what I should be doing to survive this break up time.  I want him back badly.  Walking out on him was wrong.  What…

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