I have an important question for you to ask yourself -

"Where am I in my life today?"

Are you stuck in a victim mode where you experience hardships, drama and pain?

Maybe you're doing a little bit better than that but you're honestly not living and experiencing what you really want?

Or perhaps things are good for you but you still feel like you're searching to fill your emptiness with what truly lifts your heart?

A woman living in her feminine energy knows what she wants, what makes her happy and knows what to do in order to experience that happiness more often.

Are you ready for happiness?
Are you ready to attract love and abundance into your life?
Are you ready to experience what your heart desires?

If so, then here's a new approach for you to try . . .

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It's something that's worked wonders for me in love, relationships and life.

It's three simple steps of
Embracing your truth,
Experiencing all that you feel and
Then speaking & acting from a positive feeling place.


We all have feminine and masculine energy.

While I believe in creating a balance between both, I strongly believe that my feminine energy is the more powerful of the two - especially in relationship situations. I believe this so deeply that I started coaching to help other women learn this amazing approach.

Simply put, the feminine energy approach to love and life is about engaging your emotions and sharing that truth in your words and actions.

This sharing creates an energy of attraction within you.

To experience this powerful energy, you need to open up to your own softness, slow down and savor each moment. It lights you up with a feminine glow. Anyone around sees and feels this energy and they're drawn to you!

Getting into your emotions is a physical act. It's all about your body, not your thoughts (sometimes I drop down to my knees when I'm not feeling my truth so I can sink down into the realness of my feelings).

Sinking down into my feelings is a practice I do many times a day, privately in my own presence, in the presence of a man or in the presence of others. I experience myself and the depth of feelings. There's a lot of energy swirling around inside of me yet it keeps me in control and in awareness of ME.

What I just described to you is feminine energy in motion.

I take it a step further by allowing my feminine energy to shape my words and guide my actions. I speak and act from my body, not my thoughts (and I'm so happy to no longer be a prisoner to the rotten thoughts in my head - I am free).

The key to the feminine energy approach is about
NOT speaking negativity . . .
NOT circulating poor energy . . .
But instead, finding a way to express what's good.

What does this get you?


What I enjoy the most is being able to experience a man's masculine reaction to me . . . his feelings for me.

I love where I'm at in my life today, and I'm here to help you achieve the same.
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The Academy - Leaning Back School
Living & Loving From Your Feminine Energy

How did your Feminine Energy Tool practice work out last month? Are you feeling more confident about the tool you chose to practice? I hope it was a good experience for you!

In continuing your practices of being irresistible, this email will provide you with a little motivation and guidance.

For the next month,
I invite you to PRACTICE
Interacting With Men

Here's How:

1. Read Your Rotation of Men
2. Make a list of the men in your "rotation"
3. Journal about your feelings and experiences interacting with men at each of the levels
4. Treat yourself with a reward when you complete the above steps





Today's New Moon 

This is a gentle reminder that the purpose of the New Moon Ritual is to make positive changes in your life by taking baby steps towards your dreams and goals.

This approach makes it a very powerful experience.


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Tatia Dee

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