Helping Women Live the Irresistible Combination of Femininity and Self-Power

Positive Masculine Energy by Tatia Dee


Let me tell you a little bit about who I am:  

I'm a "type A"
"Get it done"
“I want it right now not later”
kind of woman.

I'm a very COMPETITIVE-minded New York professional.

I'm a RELENTLESS entrepreneur.  

I'm a natural leader.

I can be very FORCEFUL.

I can be PUSHY.

I'm STRONG minded.


I'm BEAUTIFUL, inside and out (and I know it).



I have just introduced you to my Masculine Energy . . .


"doing stuff"

"getting things done"


"making things happen"


Just as Powerful, is my Feminine Energy, which is about music, sunshine, feeling good and fun experiences.

My Feminine Energy is powered by my feelings

. . . knowing my truth within,

. . . embracing those feelings

. . . and then speaking and acting from my feelings in an honest & beautiful way.



The blending of these powerful energies results in an extremely attractive, alluring and magnetic existence.


I call this balance between Feminine & Masculine Energy FEMININE POWER.


And Feminine Power is the Key to Living an Irresistible Life. 


Learn how to Live an Irresistible Life,

to experience lasting and meaningful connections

and finally have the kind of love you  want.

♥ STOP the cycle of dead-end relationships 

♥ STOP accepting toxic, difficult, and clueless love 

♥ STOP feeling you're too powerful to be loved. 

Rori Raye Certified Relationship Coach