Attention Advanced Leaning Back Members

Let me take this opportunity to say
that I appreciate your being
Advanced Leaning Back Members,
I’m honored to be your Coach
and I wish you and your families
continued love and joy
in the new year.

Our 2022 Annual Leaning Back Event has been scheduled.
Please check the Membership Page or Vlog for details.


As a reminder,
Members can ask personal leaning back questions

or just listen in and learn new leaning back skills!


In addition to the new Leaning Back Tools for this year, I will also present new Membership features and updates to the Membership page.


Enjoy your New Year celebrations and I look forward to speaking with each of you at the Leaning Back Event.







If you previously purchased the Handbook and would like to attend the 2022 Leaning Back Event, then please contact me to receive your one-time exclusive invitation.






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