Are You Ready For Your Transition?

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coach tatia is in“Coaching is about assisting people who are making transitions to reach what they envision.” Tatia Dee.


You might be looking at this page wondering “what’s her angle?” “What’s all this coaching stuff about anyway?”

My Life & Relationship Coaching practice has a personal basis to it:  Coaching helped me to become a success . . . quicker than I would’ve done on my own without a coach.

I wouldn’t be at this beautiful stage of my career and love life as quickly had I not discovered coaching. Coaching helped me reach the higher rungs on the ladder of ME.  Coaching gave me assistance to make the transitions to reach what I envisioned!



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Coaching is forward looking. It’s not about reliving or defining your past. It’s all about moving forward in a powerful and successful way.   Abby Bordner’s post on the topic speaks volumes – Abby says “I see coaching as a step forward; it’s the support that helps us achieve our goals. A coach educates you, holds you accountable to work toward your goals, and helps you break it down, step by step. Everyone can benefit from a coach.” – Abby Bordner

As your coach I am on the sidelines of your life to:

Support you, Push you, Make suggestions, Be A Sounding Board, Be Your Cheerleader, Help You Strategize plans to accomplish what you want, and Break down the steps you need to achieve your plans. Coaching is the Accountability that’s Missing from Self-Help.





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  1. Abby Bordner on August 19, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Thanks, Tatia for referencing my post! I, too, have made great strides in my life with the support of business coaching. And my work as a parenting coach has helped many parents learn the basics of Relationship Based Parenting ( and get the personal support to implement new habits and actions. Good luck in your work, Tatia! Sounds like you’ve found your passion. 🙂

    • Tatia on August 19, 2014 at 11:23 pm

      <3 Thank You Abby! I'm Loving it!

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