His Attraction Story

A former colleague broke up with the woman he was seeing.

He described how she was a beautiful sexy woman who he was strongly attracted to (and he still feels attracted to her) but that she gradually turned him off emotionally.


He's confided in me previously that he's looking for a wife now, so remaining in that relationship was not an option for him.


He basically wanted to vent about why he stopped seeing her. I listened, and afterwards, told him about the Don't Do List.


He agreed that if she had been able to utilize these feminine energy tools, things could have turned out differently between them.


He consented to my using his story as long as I kept his identity private.


WARNING: This is from a man's honest perspective.

I tell his story just how he presented it.

It may trigger you.

I ask you to embrace his honesty and keep reading with the Don't Do List in mind.



It was interesting that throughout his story, he kept describing her as "Dominating."


The romantic details of their 7 month
relationship were mostly about her behavior (which I interpreted as leaning forward and being in her masculine energy).


What I found most enlightening was his description of the things she did that made him feel dominated.


She was successful, intelligent,
polished and attractive.


He adored her.


At first, he found her take charge
approach exciting . . . But soon, he found it annoying.


He felt emasculated. Like he was
always wrong or could never get
anything right.


He admitted that she WAS RIGHT
most of the time, but he began to
feel that she was "too controlling,
smothering and passive aggressive
in getting her way."


He said it was as if she could sense
when he felt annoyed and she'd
be sure to immediately give him
the "best damn sex" he'd ever had.


He enjoyed the sex, but the annoyance didn't subside.


He said the end came fast for him.  It was the day he realized she was
speaking to him and he felt it was
his mother talking to him.


He couldn't take it anymore. He
didn't want to deal with it anymore.


The end came when they were
driving to a wedding out of state last
month and he was anxious to get there and introduce her to his friends.


She'd started the morning out with pointing out everything he did wrong.


On the road, she warned him what would happen if he didn't drive slower . . . they'd get pulled over and end up
being even later for the wedding.


He admitted that he was speeding.
But that day, her words hit him hard.
She was NOT his mother.


If she didn't like how he drove, why was she in the car with him?


He said no amount of sex could change how he felt. He wanted to be free of her and her mouth.


He said it was a nice wedding, and
even though she did her best to be
funny, charming, entertaining, sexy
and even apologetic, he knew their
"romance was over."


He broke up with her the following
morning after they had sex. He
wasn't going to tolerate another day
of feeling like less than the intelligent
man he knew he was.


He knows he's a good catch. He knows he's a good person. She made him feel like he wasn't worth respecting.


They drove back from out of state in silence.


He drove her home and then went to a yacht club to hang out with friends. He admitted to enjoying flirting with the women there. It made him feel good.


I asked him if there was any way to fix the relationship with his ex? If there was any way to discuss with her what went wrong in their relationship? If he missed her?


He sat there for a minute in silence,
stirring his drink.


He said that the women he's gone out on dates with this past month
make him feel masculine. He's particularly careful to only date feminine women. This is the kind of woman he'll eventually marry.


"I don't miss her at all. She's a great
person and I wish her all the best.
But I know now that she's not the
right kind of woman for me."


He said she's called and text him daily,
each time saying they needed to "talk."


He's gone to see her a few time to talk.


He said each time he goes over to her
apartment she asks what she did wrong - he skirts the topic of her short comings.


Instead, he tells her he doesn't feel the same way he did about her in the beginning and then they have mind blowing sex.


This has happened a few times, and just recently he stopped answering her calls.  He deletes her text messages too.


He sees no need to tell her what she did wrong because "that's her personality. That's just her. Why should I hurt her by telling her that she's too controlling for me. She's probably perfect for a man who likes a
dominating woman."


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