Feminine Power Boot Camp – # 15:


Love is . . . 

Love is a continuous inner journey

Love happens when the connection is real

Love is patient

Love is feeling at ease

Love is being present

Love is what happens in the “now” 

Love is a freeing feeling

Love starts with self-value

Love is Flexible

Love is Light

Love is a strong influence

Love resides inside of you 100% of the time.  

Love is believing in yourself and being willing to try a new approach

Love is growth

“Lead with Love”
       Tatia Dee



 Love is always there inside of you




 – how you speak and act when you’re feeling good.

– one old habit or pattern that you’ve outgrown.

– whenever you experience the feeling of love from within.

–  if your words or actions have a loving influence on another person.

– when you share your joy.

– if you’re focusing on the future or the past.



How often you shift from negative feelings to positive feelings

Your deepest beliefs about yourself and your role in a love relationship

If you ever lower your value

Letting go of anticipation

How it feels to let go of the outcome

When you practice patience with someone you love

Connecting with another person

Practicing self-love







I hope this exercise helped.

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