Being Vulnerable In Your Relationship


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Vulnerability is about self confidence, not weakness


Vulnerability is about your softness.

Your softness surrounds your core – your inner strength (your personal power  . . . where you are strong  inside).

Therefore, vulnerability is about being soft on the outside,  knowing that this softness can be reached, touched and experienced by a man.  Vulnerability is not about weakness.

You need your core in place in order for vulnerability to work its magic of making you irresistible and causing a man to continuously desire you.

The way to add to your softness is

To experience beauty.

To experience the things that make you enjoy being a woman.

To experience nature.

And then feel your response to these things.

Vulnerability is recognizing that your Strength Is At Your Core.
It Does Not Go Away.
Your strength is on the Inside.
Your Softness Is What’s On The Outside.
With this combination of inner strength and outer softness, you’re Approachable, Attractive And Irresistible.

Embrace this balance of inner strength and outer softness and you will experience your Feminine Power.

This  is the key to vulnerability.







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