Leaning Back Between The Sheets

beautiful leaning back woman beings sensual with her man

Four Easy Exercises To Keep You Leaning Back During Intimacy

leaning back sensual sheets
Leaning Back Is About Receiving and Responding . . . rather than being masculine.

This looks like letting a man bring his energy to you, rather than manipulating or controlling the situation (unless he asks you to – meow!)

leaning back feminine woman letting a man bring his energy to her

Leaning Back during intimacy looks like responding to him when he touches, kisses or even looks at you.

leaning back feminine woman responding to his touch and kiss

He appreciates when you let him know how he makes you feel.

So begin with what turns you on about him.

What do you enjoy about connecting with him?

You see, to lean back during intimacy, you’ve got to open up to your feelings.

Feminine leaning back woman melting and opening up to her feelings

Intimacy is about melting and opening up to him.

“You smile. You melt. You are warm. You unzip your heart. You open.”

Rori RayeHow To Create Emotional Intimacy With Sex


leaning back sensual woman

Intimacy is about exploring your sensuality with a man.

Coach Dominique (Sex and Heart) “When Is It Too Much Giving?”

leaning back sensual feminine woman


“is often portrayed in the same light as and often confused with sexiness or sexuality. Yes sensuality can certainly be a part of sexiness and sexuality, and I would encourage you to explore this for yourself alone and with your man and as deeply as you can. Yet sensuality can be SO much more, felt far more deeply and farther reaching on a day to day, moment to moment level.”

Dominique “Cultivate Your Sensuality”

leaning back feminine woman being sensual and present in her feelings

So Leaning Back during intimacy is about being sensual, present and completely into your feelings while receiving and responding to him.

It’s experiencing a sense of merging with him while being aware of your feelings in that moment.

Leaning Back sensually is about blending your blending energies – Your Feminine Mixing With His Masculine.

Feminine sensual woman blending energy with masculine man

Here Are Four Easy Exercises To Keep You Leaning Back:

Exercise #1 (alone):  SENSUALITY

Focus On How You Like To Be Touched.
Focus on where you like to be touched during intimacy.
Find What feels good to you.

Now envision yourself telling him where you want to be touched.
How Does That Feel?

Now envision yourself taking his hand and placing it where you want him to touch you.
How Does That Feel?

Imagine that  your lover (could be the man you’re involved with or anyone else) is there in front of you.

Take a deep breath.
Release the tightness in your body – start with your head, down to your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your fingers, your chest, stomach, tush, legs, knees, feet and toes.

Feel him sitting right in front of you.
Ask him to touch your face.
Tell him where else you want him to touch you.

Know that he is open to receive what you have to say to him.
Tell him how it feels when he touches you like that.

Now express how you feel verbally without words – Make sounds
(Moan, groan, gasp, coo, purr, hum, sing, scream).

Practice making these sounds out loud so that you get accustomed to hearing them come from you.
See which sounds you’re most comfortable with.

Feminine energy woman keeping eye contact with her man

Exercise #2  (with him):  KEEP EYE CONTACT

Keep Your eyes open during intimacy.
Ask him to open his eyes if they’re closed.

Keep eye contact with each other.
This is so you’ll know where each other is at.

This is keeping communication between you at every moment.
Embrace the pleasure – Let him in to your energy!

feminine energy woman touching and embracing her man

Exercise #3 (with him):  TOUCH

Be Sure To Touch Him During Intimacy.

Touch his hand.

Touch his fingers.

Explore his skin with your finger tips.

Keep your touch soft and loving.

Be sure to focus on the sensation of his skin (hair) on your fingers.

Experiment with this touching exercise.

If you want to, softly and gently guide his hand where you want to be touched.

Feminine energy woman verbally communicating without words

Exercise #4 (with him):  VERBAL RESPONSE

Express what feels good to you without words.

Use sounds to express it.

Express what you’re feeling.

Don’t fake it!

He wants to please you, so be present, experience it and be verbal.

Get out of your head and into your body!

Get out of your head and into your feelings.

Just enjoy the feeling you are receiving from him and with him.

Orgasm is not the goal.
Don’t get focused on your orgasm or his.

Instead, feel the energy in you and between you and him.
Let that energy flow.

Feminine energy woman being present with her man

So Remember:
Be Sensual.
Stay Present In The Moment & In What You’re Feeling (let your thoughts go).
Keep Eye Contact.
Touch Him (softly, slowly & gently to experience the sensation on your fingers).
Explore His Skin.
Express Yourself.
Don’t Focus On Any Goal.







leaning back to trigger his emotional desire


Create a Safe Space for Him to Focus on You and the Relationship . . .

feminine woman leaning back to create relationshiph space for a man




relationship space for a man


  1. Dominique on January 3, 2015 at 8:04 pm

    Thank you Tatia for you. I feel so thankful for your support in my work which is always a labor of much love.


    • Tatia on January 3, 2015 at 10:05 pm

      Hi Dominique!

      The help you provide to women is such a wonderful body of work. You are heavily sought out and loved on Rori’s Blog and your web page is a wealth of support, love & knowledge! This is your topic of expertise and knew there would be fantastic articles to share! Thank you for doing what you do! And as we say in Brooklyn “Keeping on Keepin’ on baby!!!”

      Much Love,


  2. Inger N. on January 6, 2015 at 11:45 am

    Reading this I realize I already know the most about this and I know how to recieve and respond but I’ve thought that I need to initiate more so that I have done. Now that I know I’m doing right I can just increase my receving and responding and forget initiating. It feels so good, and I’m so gratefull to all I’ve learned.
    And I feel so happy the more I learn to know, that I am actually allowed to want to be taken care of. I’ve always wanted that but what I haven’t understood is to take care of myself first and live my life as I want it to be and then let myself be taken care of. And with the times we live in I thougt I had to be masculine all the time. Now i now it’s not like that at all and I feel excited and look forward to experience the trip to become more feminine again and finally have the lovelife I deserve and want. And I can’t say it to many times, I’m so grateful for finding you Tatia (and Rory of course), I don’t know how to thank you enough! <3 <3 <3

    • Tatia on January 6, 2015 at 4:37 pm

      Hi Inger:

      Thank you so much for sharing! As Rori would say, “Brava to you girl!”
      The journey deeper into your feminine is an awesome experience!
      I’m glad to help you along the way!

      Much Love,


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