I remember many times in my past just wanting to feel calm and not being able to due to constant confrontations.

Now that I'm reconnected with my Feminine Power, I embrace the fact that people and situations that suck away at my calmness don't feel good in any kind of way.

And that's one of the top items on my Deal-Breaker List . . . No emotional combativeness.

But that which we dislike in someone else, is normally a trait we have within ourselves . . .

So I've learned to seek my calm.



One of the easiest ways for me to achieve calm is through prayer and meditation.

I've practiced meditation for years now.

Meditation can be described as calm awareness.

Centering my focus on stillness.

Prior to beginning Oprah & Deepok's 21-day Meditation, I set out to do a little research (steps 3 & 4 of my love life makeover).

I learned something interesting . . . that meditation is often considered an action (working towards a goal) rather than a state of being.

That means I'm in my masculine power when I'm meditating and working towards finding my calm.

So my calmness (the goal) seems to be more related to my Feminine Power.

No wonder I crave it so deeply!

Here Are Some Great descriptions of Meditation:

Inviting A Monkey To Tea


I'm curious to know what practices you embrace for relaxation and calmness.  Share your answer in the comments below.





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