5 Day No-Contact Guide for Feminine Women

Special Feminine No-Contact Guide An Emergency BREAK UP Starter Kit (Part 1) Skip to Break Up Kit (Part 2)   Prepare for the next 5 days by 1. putting together your essentials (your Kit) and 2. reviewing what’s important (the Rules) below:   Your Kit 1. Music Player (anything without internet/data, if possible) 2. A…

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The Better Other Man

This Handbook High Value Woman coaching video about THE BETTER OTHER MAN discusses getting out of your current SITUATIONSHIP when you aren’t ready to leave yet . . . or you’re afraid to breakup because you don’t want to be alone (or any other reason). Join me as we take a deep dive into overcoming…

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Leaning Back Center Stage

feminine woman break up kit

A Coaching Visual for Feminine Energy Emergencies Imagine this scene: You encouter your ex somewhere and you feel yourself slipping back into an old familiar pattern . . . CUT!! SCENE CHANGE!! Lights . . . Camera . . . Action (meaning it’s time to engage some Positive Masculine Action)! Let’s reset this stage .…

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Dealing With A Break Up

Breaking up is painful. So experiencing a break up or heart-break is traumatic. Heart break is a personal trauma. It’s emotional trauma. Biologically, trauma releases stress hormones into your body. WE ARE ALL HUMAN AND EXPERIENCE THIS BIOLOGICALLY! Stress hormones (aka fight or flight) flood your system in response to any emotional trauma. Your responses…

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Avoiding a Break-up

Avoiding a break-up . . . Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid pushing him away when you’re not happy? To be able to draw him close while still expressing that you don’t feel good? Even if he’s the cause of your not so good feelings? Well you can! Even though arguments happen and…

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A Different Way Of Letting Go

five steps to letting go

A Five Step Plan To Moving Forward This is about having quick results in your life & love. Letting go without a whole lot of fuss and drama. Without making declarations and demands. Without ignoring and avoiding. This is about letting go a different way.   STEP ONE Just briefly, reflect on what has not…

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Getting Through A Break Up

getting through a breakup

Coach Tatia – please help me get through this week. If I can stop myself from calling  D for the next few days – can you help me? Can you tell me what I should be doing to survive this break up time.  I want him back badly.  Walking out on him was wrong.  What…

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