3 Steps to Change Your Relationship

The first step to changing your relationship:

Turn your perception inward

Relax the urge to control a person or a situation. 

REMEMBER: We can’t control other people, but we can control ourselves and our responses to others.


The second step to changing your relationship:

Is your focus on a man (or men in general)? 

Okay . . . You can keep this focus briefly (like a minute or two)

So . . . Before you shift your focus (and energy) to something pleasing/positive

Ask yourself if you’re man-bashing or making him wrong
– if so, gently release this negative energy whenever it come up
and instead (briefly) focus on something positive about him or men in general.

Now, shift your focus to something other than him – make sure it’s positive, pleasing and uplifting!

REMEMBER:  It’s about changing your reaction to men in your day to day experiences.


The third step to changing your relationship:

How do you connect with him?

Treat this process of connection like a part-time job! 

Connection is made during time spent together. 

So whether you are married, living together or single

Prepare yourself for connection!

REMEMBER: Connection happens when you’re leaning back!


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