Changing You (For A Better Relationship)


(Value City Furniture Commercial)

If you were the woman in this commercial, what would you do differently now knowing what you know about leaning back?

I’m not saying she’s wrong or that he’s right, but do you see this situation differently now than you would have before?

[my observations are below]


You started making this change  of reconnecting with your feminine power and becoming even more irresistible with the goal of fixing your relationship or dating situation

now you’re discovering that the change that’s happening is very different than you expected

it’s very personal

it’s a very deep change.




This change is about

focusing (on you) and

controlling (only you).


Feeling (your true feelings).

You’re working on stopping your old love habits and

doing things differently now.


Shifting out of your masculine power more into your feminine power when dealing with a man in your love life.


Taking your masculine actions out of how you deal with the man in your life or in your dating

getting out of your head and into your feelings more easily

sticking to the don’t do list

changing how you speak to, act towards and think about him and

expressing your appreciation for him more.

This is your new approach to love/dating/relationships.


You’re leaning back

getting out of your head and into your feelings and

being vulnerable.

No more walls.


You’re putting your strength on the inside and your softness on the outside.


Relying on your core and

letting your self esteem take root inside of you (blossoming outwards).


Seeing interactions with a man as an opportunity

rather than an attempt to “get him” or “keep him.”


You’re influencing him to change  by making a change first.


Seeing him for the truth of how he’s treating you or acting towards you (without blaming).


You’re shifting any anticipation away from a man.


No more expectation.

You often feel emotionally naked

stripped of your efforts to control the outcome of situations with him

stripped of your old words

stripped of your old thought patterns and

stripped of your old approach to love.


You’re no longer stuck and

now you have the power of movement.


You don’t obsess over whether or not he calls, responds or makes time for you and

now you have your own schedule and you keep it regardless to what he does or doesn’t do.


You see life differently

baby step by baby step.


You’re changing for life & changing for love . . .


Changing for YOU!



My Observations of the VCF video:

Keep your bedroom for romance (specifically if you want or have a man sleeping there)

Do your work somewhere else when he’s around NOT in the bedroom

This is an obvious cry for romantic attention that’s going ignored

Even if you’re on a dead-line and can’t stop working to cuddle, he’s working hard at being charming and funny – smile or laugh, show an appreciation for his efforts to get some romance going.

Listen to what he’s saying – this is apparently a regular occurrence for him to deem her side of the bed as “business.”

Her work seems more important than him and although he’s being playful, the message is clear – he feels romantically ignored.

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