Changing Your Approach To Men

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Changing your approach and leaning back creates an attractive energy for a man.

This is your power (feminine power).

If you’re having a hard time reconnecting with this power, turn your focus inward.

Focus on changing your approach to your love & life.

Change your approach to men all together.

Have a better approach in how you think about men.

Have a better approach in how you speak to them.


This Creates a safe space for him in the relationship.

(Relationship Space)

You can keep this safe space open for him by:

1. Focusing on the good things (and sharing it with him)

2. Focusing on what you appreciate about him (and sharing it with him)

3. Enjoying the feelings you have towards him while keeping your focus on you (instead of him)

4.  Keeping your schedule of your own life while making room for this man in your life

5.  Listening to him and

6.  Letting him reach out and connect to you.

This is a delicate balance of Leaning Back and being open and inviting to him.

And it starts with changing your approach.


Try it out and let me know how this feels to you.







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