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Circular Dating is not just about dating – It’s interacting with men at a level you’re comfortable with.

Think of Circular Dating as a woman being at the center of a circle where she’s the target of the attention, affection, love, etc. of men all around her.

This circle around her has four levels representing the amount of interaction with a man at that particular level.

circular dating yourself
OUTER LEVEL: Interacting With Men Out In The World
circular dating men in the world

FIRST INNER LEVEL: Interacting With Men Who Are Noticing You
circular dating men notice you
SECOND INNER LEVEL: Interacting With Men Who Are Interested In You (Communication)
circular dating men interested
THIRD INNER LEVEL: Interacting With Men Who You Spend Time With
circular dating spending time
MOST INNER LEVEL: Interacting With A Man You Are Intimate With
circular dating.intimate relationship








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