This is about a new approach to love - allowing the feminine energy inside of you to guide your words and action with a man (a/k/a Leaning Back).




The most important part of the equation is YOU.

What do you enjoy?

What makes you happy?

How do you want love to feel like in your life?



The next part is to experience your feminine energy on a wider  and broader level.

Express your feminine feelings.

Expand this practice to all areas of your life.



Meaning, don't practice it with just one man.

Don't limit yourself to this narrow focus.

Widen your view.


Your "Rotation of Men" simply means  experiencing your feminine energy in the presence of each man you encounter or interact with!  The diagram above is what I call your "Circle of Interaction."  The outer are of the circle (white) involves interacting with the men you see in your day-to-day experiences.  These are the men in restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, where you commute, at the gas station, coffee shops, medical offices, schools, at work and men who you don't know.  These are the easiest men to practice with!  And remember, you only do what feels comfortable to you. (Learn this practice in my "Love" Book program)



The next level of your Rotation of Men are the men who notice you (blue).  All you need to do at this level is notice them . . . and maybe grace one or two with a smile.  And remember, you only do what feels comfortable to you.



The next inner level of your rotation of men (green) are the men who notice you and are interested in you.  These are the fellas who are starting conversations with you or just saying hello.  It's the level of communication in your Circle of Interaction.  Whether you're interested in him or not, he's attempting to communicate with you to show interest.  Enjoy receiving the attention.  Remember to do what only feels comfortable to you, and always be in tune with your intuition for red flags.


The next inner level of your rotation of men (orange) are the men who you spend time with who are interested in you.  There's a lot of real estate going on at this level.  There's the simple coffee date; the walk back to office at the end of your lunch break; attending the same function or event together; meeting someone for the first time from your online dating profile; sitting outside together; taking a walk; going to the park;  the second/third/fourth/fifth/sixth/seventh/eighth/nineth/tenth date with a man; date night with your husband or domestic partner; or any other instance where you grace a man with your presence and attention.  In addition to doing only what feels comfortable with you, please also be careful of falling into a pattern of an imaginary relationship.


The most inner level of your rotation of men (red) is where a man can get the closest to you.  It's intimate contact.  This is where intimate relationships reside in your Circle of Interaction.  The dimensions and parameters of this level is a personal preference for each woman.  As a coach, I always suggest practicing a rule of sexual exclusivity here, but again, it's all about what feels right to you.

circular dating.Rotation



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