Leaning Back & Compassion

Now that I practice compassion as part of my feminine energy, Leaning Back has become a deeper concept for me.

I remember wondering what fills the space of "giving" if you're always leaning back?

In recent months, I've come full circle with this issue.

The answer to my question was COMPASSION.

Rather than giving, and nurturing, and doing . . .

I feel and have compassion.

It's the truest form of caring for and acknowledging another person.

Instead of "doing" drama, I have compassion.

Instead of rendering harsh words, I have compassion.

Rather than give in to the masculine urge to put someone in their rightful place, I have compassion.

Rather than judge another person, I have compassion.

Rather than pass reciprocal  judgment on myself, I have compassion.

And with my compassion comes peace of mind and heart.

All while staying in my Feminine Power, and leaning back from the world.

How beautiful is that?






Learn more about shifting to your feminine compassion in the ACADEMY where we go into the specifics of sharing, feelings and other Leaning Back practices!