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Dear Coach Tee:

Ugh. I am having no luck with on-line dating.  There are no quality men contacting me.  The bulk of my admirers are younger men.  Recently, a young romeo wants to take me out.  I don’t mind going, but he is not what I want for a relationship.  I prefer an older man.  On the other hand, I’m tired of not going out.  I want to spend some time being feminine.  What should I do?  How can I attract more men my age on line?  Can you help me with changing my profile?

Not A Cougar

Dear Not A Cougar:

I’ve sent you an email with questions for you to answer.

Once I receive your response, we can work on making some adjustments to your online dating profile.

I’ll need to see all of your pictures you want to use on the profile as well.


In the meantime, I would encourage you to go out with the men who ask you out for a date.

Take baby steps and gently ease your way into dating.

Remember, YOU’RE in control.

Only spend as much time as feels good to you (1/2 hour perhaps).


And take a few minutes after reading this email to process your feelings.

Because there’s a feeling under the whole younger man issue.

Could you be comparing yourself to some imaginary image or characterization?


What are your feelings beneath all of that?

This may trigger you and tap into something from your past, but that’s fine, let it happen.


Process your feeling and dig deeper into it.

Heal whatever it is that’s coming up for you.


My dating tip would be to:

pamper yourself up real lovingly before each date

stay in the moment and enjoy that moment

pay attention to the lesson or message that this date/experience has for you

have at least two tools to practice during the date and

always have a Plan B just in case the scheduled date falls through


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