Avoid The Heartbreak Later – Understand Your Deal Breakers Now


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Deal Breakers Are Not Listed On His Dating Profile

(Remember the guy alleged to have 125 deal breakers on his profile?)

It’s not a list of can’t stands or turn offs.

This isn’t about bad breath, snoring or body odor.

Feminine woman circular dating rori raye method

A Deal Breaker List reminds you of what you will NOT negotiate about.  End Of Story.

This is a list of where you draw the line.

Your absolute “Don’t Wants.”

This isn’t about being trivial.

These are the things that will cause you to disappear.

circular dating dealbreaker for feminine energy woman

Your Deal Breaker List contains some serious stuff.

For further clarity, here’s a portion of my Deal Breaker List:

– Being verbally abusive to me or anyone else
– Being physically abusive to me or anyone else
– Being emotionally abusive (passive aggression)
– Using drugs

relationship dealbreaker for feminine energy woman

It’s easy to think of your deal breakers when you sense Red Flags about man you’ve met or are dating.

But it’s not as easy when you’re feeling connected or in love with a man and things are going nicely.


Many things on a Deal Breaker list are habits and circumstances that a person doesn’t readily reveal or share.  It’s sometimes things he’ll hide.

So you’ve got to lean back and be observant.

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More Importantly, be honest with yourself about why something is a deal breaker.

Clearly understand what’s on your list.

Visualize yourself deeply in love with and then suddenly being faced with a deal breaker on your list.
Would you leave?
Could you compromise?

Your answer should help you determine what really belongs on your Deal Breaker List.










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