Dealing With A Break Up

Breaking up is painful.

So experiencing a break up or heart-break is traumatic.

Heart break is a personal trauma.

It’s emotional trauma.

Biologically, trauma releases stress hormones into your body.


Stress hormones (aka fight or flight) flood your system in response to any emotional trauma.

Your responses and actions during this time are in response to trauma and are the brain’s way of protecting you.


But here’s the problem . . .

You can’t fix your situation with the same mindset that it started with.

Meaning, you’re traumatized and you can’t fix anything until you allow yourself to HEAL from the trauma.

To heal, you need to change your mindset.

Some people withdraw into solitude.  Withdrawing or obsessing in response to emotional trauma can cause you to get stuck in the traumatized mindset.  This type of mindset is a silent enemy.

Others become obsessed

or fixated with the person

who caused the heart break or break up.


INSTEAD . . . 

Reach out.

Share your feelings and experience with someone qualified to help in this area.

Talking about your emotional trauma with someone who can help you breaks you out of the solitude or obsession.

Whether it’s self help, joining a group, coaching or therapy,

This sharing helps you gain wisdom.

Wisdom = Healing = Strength

So sharing your break up experience with someone who can help is a change in the traumatic mindset and is emotionally strengthening.

Allowing yourself to go through the process of emotionally experiencing your loss helps to change the traumatized mindset – it helps begin the healing process.


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