It is a long time ritual to detox the body during the beginning of one of the Moon's phases.

A quick google on the topic shows that many people use the New Moon or Full Moon phase, but it actually works during any moon phase.

I did this detox because I needed a physical, emotional and spiritual rest.


I first checked with my doctor and showed him the Dr. Oz 3 day detox. We discussed modifications for my own personal needs (hypothyroidism, family history of colon cancer, etc.) and I further adjusted it for a liver cleanse.



Sunday, during the Last Quarter Moon, I went for a 60 minute full body massage to begin the work on stretching out my muscles.

DAYS 1, 2 and 3

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday involved eating lighter foods to ease the burden on my digestive system.


Today (Thursday) begins the liquid only phase of the cleanse. I make a plant based protein fruit smoothie for meal time. I begin my prayer/meditation/stretching/salt-bath daily ritual today.


Tomorrow (Friday) begins the clear liquid phase and the start of the liver cleanse.

For the next seven days:
(1) I drink water with lemon throughout the day.
(2) I also include dandelion tea where I boil fresh ginger root in the tea water.
(3) At meal time, I drink a cranberry spiced (tumeric/cinnamon/cayenne/nutmeg/ginger) drink with lemon.


On Saturday I will re-introduce my plant based protein fruit smoothie at meal time with the cranberry spiced drink with lemon.


For Sunday's evening meal I will swap out the smoothie for a homemade Lentil soup (started in the slow cooker Wednesday night) run through the blender. It contains celery, a ton of fresh garlic, pepper, oregano and carrots.


Monday's evening meal will be a fresh homemade Broccoli soup (run through the blender) along with the lentil soup.


I have a second 60 minute massage scheduled for Tuesday afternoon to introduce yoga into my daily prayer/meditation ritual. Today will be my last daily salt bath.

Tuesday's evening meal menu includes a homemade tomato sauce (large tomatoes, spices and an onion put in the slow cooker that morning) served on a large bed of steamed spinach.

DAY 10

Wednesday's evening meal will be fresh beets cooked with apple cider vinegar and baked wild caught fish.

DAY 11

Thursday's evening meal will include sweet potatoes with either shrimp or fish (haven't decided, lol).

DAY 12

For Friday's evening meal will be to finish up all of the soups and meals prepared during the week.

DAY 13 - DAY 28

Saturday will then begin the "maintenance" phase of the cleanse where I drink water with lemon, the plant based fruit smoothie, have a light meal in the evenings and continue with my prayer/meditation/yoga ritual until the last quarter moon.

Having concluded the inner work, I will reflect for several days and then begin a strengthening and cardio ritual with the upcoming New Moon.

I've provided you with my personal detox experience to show you how it's possible to incorporate your health/spiritual/emotional needs into the Makeover. It's all about taking easy do-able baby steps.

With much love and positivity,

Tatia Dee