Don’t Be The Best Kept Secret In Town

Feminine energy woman best kept secret
Who’s the best kept secret in town?

Is she you?

Are you a good woman who has a lot to offer?

Is your exposure to new men limited by your schedule or other obligations?

Are you shy or introverted?

Are you tired of meeting the same clueless, difficult or toxic kinds of men?

If so, then I have some great suggestions for you to consider in order to start meeting quality men . . .

High value feminine energy woman meeting quality men


circular dating and interacting with me at the gym

Men are not going to see you if you stay inside!

Getting out and about in the world is required.

Location, Location, Location

circular dating and interacting while Jogging

You’ve got to open your time up to being around MORE people, places and situations.

YES, this is an open call to EXPAND YOUR DAILY EXPERIENCES

.circular dating in the park

Get Out There

The emphasis here is interacting with the world by getting out there in society and practicing being in your feminine by interacting with men.  And while you’re practicing, you’ll be noticing what type of men are approaching you in different venues.



It’s easier to spend more of your spare time outside of your home when you do things that you like.

circular dating in the Flower-Shop

Make Time to Enjoy Simple Pleasures Outside of Your Four Walls. Often.

circular dating while walking outdoors

Explore the historical and cultural facilities in your area.

circular dating at botanical_garden

Even if it’s just running errands, be open to interacting with people.

circular dating in the post office

Do your usual shopping in different places.

circular dating at the farmers-market

See each opportunity as a practice session being in your feminine energy.

circular dating and flirting

As you increase your exposure, the quality of men that you interact with will improve.

circular dating speed dating

Have a few calling cards printed so you don’t have to take a man’s information.  When he asks to exchange numbers, just say “sure, here’s my card.”

circular dating calling cards

Be willing to accept more dates, even if the person is not someone you’re heavily interested in . . . it’s just another opportunity to get out and practice interacting!  Be open and aware of your environment when you’re on a date.

circular dating at a cafe


Your feminine energy needs to be in the “ON” position whenever you step outside your door.

keeping your feminine energy turned onThat means paying special extra attention about how you feel – especially your self confidence.  What clothing, makeup or fragrances make you feel on top of the world?  Which ones give you that extra feminine “oomph” ?

What cuts and lengths glam up your hair style?feminine energy woman circular dating new hair style

What colors bring out the beauty of your look?feminine woman circular dating new eye makeup









Which fabrics compliment your shape the most?circular dating feminine woman gorgeous dress

What feminine look do you favor the most?



beautiful feminine woman circular dating new hair styles







Put some care (and an extra few minutes) into your look before you step out of the door.  Even if you’re just going to the post office, lunch with friends or  running business errands. stylish feminine woman circular dating let him pursue you






Experiment and change up your look

Put together two perfect outfits

feminine woman circular dating Jeans go far

Try creating different looks with your “go to” outfits.

Your favorite jeans is a good place to start.

Next, experiment with how different shoes change up the look.circular dating feminine woman dressing up

Accessorize with jewelry, belts and hand bags.feminine woman circular dating summery dress

The key is to enhance your look by doing somethings different.feminine woman circular dating sexy print dress

Try to change at least one thing about your look each week.





Change up your routine – Going to different locations

feminine woman circular dating and flirting in grocery store


To mingle is meeting new people with no set agenda in mind.  It means to mix, participate and associate with others.  It’s about not casting yourself at the first interested person, but exploring, experiencing and experimenting in a new environment.    Be interested and curious about the men you meet and interact with. The important part is to have no expectation.  And be sure to stay in the moment.  Take baby steps: Open yourself up to meeting new people in small doses. Start with the things you enjoy doing.  Then include new hobbies and interests.

IDEAS: Places To Go – Things To Do

Fitness Center
health clubs
yoga centers
coffee shops
shopping malls
hair/nail/spa salons
wine tasting (shared from “Where Singles Go To Mingle“)

circular dating in rockerfeller center

sporting events
social sports club
outdoor festivals
volunteer activities
long distance traveling (shared from “Single and Ready to Mingle?“)

circular dating leaning back coach for women rori raye method

charity events
high-end sporting events (polo, horse competitions, etc.)
international film festivals
yacht parties
rooftop bars
beach clubs (shared from Luxury Travel NBCNews)

circular dating in the city

Museum cafes
hotel restaurants
singles vacations
holiday cruises (new year’s eve, 4th of July, etc.)
dancing lessons (shared from USA Today Travel)

circular dating with men


Remember to be Genuine

Keep it positive – Minimize the drama in your life/story

Keep aware of red flags

Be upbeat, soft and curious

Speak Using Your Poetry Words and



Learn more at the ACADEMY.

circular dating academy for feminine energy women






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