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Doesn’t It Feel Good When A Man Seeks Out Your Time?

Doesn’t It Feel Wonderful When He Wants Your Attention?

Doesn’t It Feel Great When You Can See Him Wanting To Get Closer To You?

This Is What Happens When You Lean Back, Right?

The Purpose Of Leaning Back Is to Allow A Man To Lean Forward To Connect With You.

Since He Emotionally Desires You, It’s An Emotional Connection.

But What happens When He Finds You Irresistible But You’re Not Feeling Attracted To Him?

Read on . . .

unattracted to a man

OF All Of My Suitors, He’s The Most Impressionable.

When We First Met, We Lingered Over Coffee The Same Afternoon We Met.

He Resonated With An Energy That Intrigued Me.

I Leaned Back And Spoke My Poetry.

Leaning Back = Receiving and Responding . . . rather than giving or initiating.  This looks like letting a man bring his energy to you, rather than you actively giving him any energy.  This also involves not pushing a man in any direction with your energy.

But By Our Second Meeting The Red Flags Became More Apparent.

Red Flags = You’re feeling that something is off . . . something doesn’t  feel right . . . something feels bad!  Listen to your Intuition! And don’t be distracted by feelings of confusion, regret, or not wanting to judge a man you are dating or in a relationship with.  Follow the feeling that something feels bad to you.

In Particular, He admitted to having an ex-wife who wants him badly, a live-in girlfriend as well as a fwb.

Being Triggered = No matter what kind of guy you are dealing with, you need to practice your tools with him.  That’s because these guys (any type), trigger our feelings.  They trigger the buried emotions in us!  They trigger the “yuck” in our lives that we try to forget about.  And being triggered is a good thing!  Don’t run from it!  Because our response to triggers is HEALING!  Yes, you get to heal what comes up when you are triggered!  So this is about working on your “yuck” in the presence of a guy who has triggered you.

I Spoke My Truth To Him, Using The Feeling Message That “It Feels Confusing To Date Someone Involved With Another Woman.”

It Was Clear To Me That This Was Not A Connection That I Wanted.  I Leaned Back Even Further And Repeated My Truth.

He Nevertheless Openly Declared His “Emotional Connection” To Me, Noting That He Likes To Read My Vlog/Blog, And Considers Himself Armed & Dangerous With My Own Words.

Let’s call him “Dave.”

Dave knows what women want . . .
“You Want All Of Me” he says.
“You want to hear, feel and see that all I want is you.”
“You’re the one woman I truly want in this world Lady Tee.”

Dave is very persistent.
He messages weekly.
He asks for dates.
He emails often.
He sends cute texts and occasionally leaves a flower on my windshield.
He’s Leaning Forward and moving in hard.

I’ve leaned back, stepped back and have pretty much walked away.
I respond to him the same way each time:
“Thank you, this feels flattering, and we’re not on the same page.
I don’t feel a connection.”

Dave declares a connection anyway.

Dave is heart open and attracted.
Dave is an emotional guy.
He’s charming.
He speaks poetry and writes songs.
He claims a connection that has nothing to do with our bodies (a connection of our minds and our souls).

But it takes two to connect.

An Emotional Connection happens between two people who are into each other.

They’re exploring each other to learn more.

They’re sharing moments and feeling the experience between them.

There’s a connection that warms their words, their touch as well as their actions.

There’s an excited calmness that soothes that space into a safe feeling connection.

An Emotional Connection has shared sparks that both can feel.

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