Explore Love


Circular Dating applies to all women in all stages of love – From having no one to date to being in the throes of wedded bliss.


So please, don’t be put off by the term “dating.”

By definition, dating involves social activities for the purpose of companionship or to assess a person’s suitability for an intimate relationship such as marriage.


For our purposes, think of the word “dating” as


which includes self love, the ability to receive love, sharing love and learning love.


Exploring love can happen whenever you’re interacting with others out in the world in your day to day experiences.

It can happen when a man notices you.

It can happen when a man is interested in you and communicating with you.

It can happen when a man who’s interested in you spends time with you.

And it can happen when a man is intimate with you.

This can be your husband, a long time lover, the man you live with, the man you’re engaged to, the man you’re dating or the man you’ve just met.


The key is to take all of these opportunities to Explore Love.

To explore your heart and your life.

To explore how you want to love and be loved.


We’re talking about a new approach to love.

This approach categorizes a woman’s interactions with men into five levels.

These interactions are when a woman practices being in her feminine energy while using her Feminine Power Tools.

Feminine Power Tools help a woman learn more about herself and her love process while creating the ideal balance of feminine and masculine energy between her and a man.  It’s this balance between feminine and masculine that allows a man to naturally feel drawn and emotionally attracted to a woman.


The Feminine Power Tools start from a woman’s inner strength and includes her outer softness.

These tools show a woman how to use movement to maintain her feminine energy with a man as well as in her lifestyle.

The Feminine Power Tools rely on an intimate awareness of her feelings and work best when a woman continues in this awareness.

It’s a new way of existing on a more feminine and genuine level.



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