Feminine Power Boot Camp – # 3:



leaning back handbook for feminine energy women

“Our patience will achieve more than our force.”

Edmund Burke



     Love is patient.



 Notice what happens when you stop taking action and trying to achieve something in your relationship.



 How does it feel to give him the opportunity to take action and make things happen in the relationship?



Important Update:
feminine energy woman not in a relationship interacting with men

Several of you have written to me about how to practice this week if you are not involved with anyone.

My answer is that there is ALWAYS a man in your Rotation.  This applies to all of your feminine power practices (this week and in weeks to come).

There are men that you interact with “out in the world. “While there’s no romantic interest involved in that level of your rotation, you can still practice leaning back (or any week’s concept) with any man you regularly interact with.

Watch the video clip below for more details:





Feminine power boot camp for leaning back women


I hope this exercise helped.

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