Feminine Power Boot Camp – # 4:



“All you need to do
is accept this moment fully.
You are then at ease
in the here and now
at ease
with yourself.”

Ekhart Tolle




     Love is feeling at ease.



     Notice how you feel when you let go of expectation and anticipation.



 How can you minimize the expectations you experience in your relationship?  




I hope this exercise helped.

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  1. Tatia on September 23, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    MY CURRENT SITUATION . . . (not at ease)

    Feelings were welling up inside of me and spilling over.
    I was ANGRY.
    I felt pain.
    I wanted to scream.
    My feelings were taking over – and forget about being in my head – I couldn’t even think.

    We sat across the room from each other.
    He would not leave (it’s his place).
    As I stared at him, I started to experience all of the different feelings swirling around inside of me.
    In my stomach
    Behind my eyes
    and in my throbbing neck.

    And then I realized that I was still staring at him.
    He stared back.
    So I went there.

    But gazing at him took me in a different direction.

    -what was I doing here?
    -why did I chose him to be with me?
    -why was I so angry ? (I can’t remember exactly why)
    -could I enjoy his company from across the room?
    -how could I feel like being alone and yet want to finish our date?

    Oh I remember – he insulted me!
    (And he thought it was funny)
    I didn’t like being the center of his joke
    I wasn’t in the mood for it
    It wasn’t romantic
    I wanted romance
    He wants to get under my skin and get a reaction out of me
    He wants to know if I’m falling in love with him
    He’s pushing this whole situation

    I have a temper.
    She’s like a wild woman wearing strips of lion cloth crouching in the corner of my heart brandishing a 10″ blade in her hand . . . motioning to strike.

    She ruins things often (if I let her).

    I give in to the truth of the moment and I go there.

    Into that dark corner of my heart
    with the vicious woman wanting to slice a piece of him bloody.

    She owns this moment and I let her have it.

    I open up and invite her to lose control.
    I’m willing to learn and listen . . .
    why does this temper
    turn sweet to sour
    hot to cold
    nice to nasty?

    “HE’S NOT THE ONE” she hisses.
    [f*cking ouch – she cut me]

    OMG, what is this moment? what am I holding on to???

    Am I punishing him for another man’s crimes?

    “NOOOOOOOOO IT’S HIM, NOT ME!!!” She’s screaming.

    So I let her scream and hiss and remember what I try to forget.

    And I’ve been staring at him the whole time

    but with a softer look on my face
    because this moment is about me
    and honestly has nothing to do with him exposing me to his intrusive sense of humor (and passive aggressive efforts to push me into a relationship I don’t want).

    It’s not him, it’s ME.

    And that is when the shift happens.
    I don’t dislike him.
    I don’t judge him.
    He’s being human.
    He’s being honest.
    He wants something and is not afraid to go for it #alphaman

    This was about my trigger.
    My sh*t.
    Old stuff.
    My past.
    My temper.
    The vicious blade bearer in the corner of my heart over-reaching to protect me.

    I finally look away and stretch out my body like a cat
    (I need to release this moment and move on with my night . . . I want to live).

    And suddenly he’s there
    holding my hand
    apologizing for whatever caused this rift between us
    speaking the detail of his truth . . .

    And we decide to put this behind us
    and take a walk along the shore
    hand in hand
    not speaking
    but enjoying the honesty of this new moment.

    An impromptu Riff

  2. Rosemary on September 29, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    Thank you 😇&😇 I certainly can relate to this it is inspiring.

    • Tatia on September 30, 2017 at 2:54 pm

      Thank you Rosemary!

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