100 % LOVE

Feminine Power Boot Camp – # 12:

100 % LOVE



“Love is often a misunderstood feeling . . .
Women sometimes mistake the power of their love
as something that comes from outside of them, like
from a man
from an event or
from a thing.

That’s not it.  All of that LOVE comes from within.

Your feminine energy embodies those feelings of love.

Allow your feminine energy to show 100% of the love you have inside of you!


This means ALL of the love you experience, not just the romantic type.

The Love for your family

The Love for your friends

The Love for your community

The Love for God, the universe or the higher power that you recognize.


Allowing all of the love inside of you to shine brightly is the secret of being feminine.

This shining is about turning your focus inward to enjoy more of the loving feelings in your day to day interactions.

It’s about feeling satisfied with who you are.


Feel all of the love inside of you and enjoy that experience (instead of anticipating the feeling of love to come from outside of you).”

Tatia Dee





Love resides inside of you 100% of the time.  



 Notice the different ways that you experience love this week.



How does focusing inward and experiencing the feelings of love make you feel?  Journal about it.

NOTE:  If you have difficulty focusing on or experiencing love, then journal about the thoughts or feelings that interfere with your feeling love.  I invite you to explore this block using the following approach (click here).





I hope this exercise helped.

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