Powered by the New Moon

moon lady

Feminine Energy

Powered by the Moon . . .

New Moon Week - List your Desires & plan baby steps.


First Quarter Moon Week - Take Action . . . easy baby steps.


Full Moon Week - Celebrate your efforts.


Last Quarter Moon Week - Reflect & prepare to begin again.

Get Beautiful Results!

How the Program Progresses:

New Moon


You're transitioning from an internal (feeling) focus to an external (action) focus to manifest your dreams, desires and intentions

1st Quarter Moon

Take action

You're writing lists, taking notes, making decisions and refining your actions to achieve (manifest) your goals

Full Moon


You're reaping the results of your actions and embracing gratitude. You're also beginning the transitioning from an external (action) focus to an internal (Feeling) focus to recharge, review and envision your life balance

Last Quarter Moon


You're reflecting on your vision and contemplating new (or revised) goals and intentions for the upcoming New Moon

Get Beautiful Feminine Results!

The Next New Moon is in:


Focus on . . .

Sharing (Give)
Personal Growth (Education)
Self Improvement (Education)
Relationships (Connections)
Necessities (Productivity)
Enjoyment (Variety)
Health & Wealth (Certainty)

Get Beautiful Results!

New Moon Powered Feminine Energy

New Moon Powered Feminine Energy

New Moon Powered Feminine Energy

Feminine Power Program Level 3


Level Two

An Enhanced 4-week Practice of Positive Masculine Energy

It all starts with your Feminine Power

(balancing your feminine and masculine energies)


Then using your masculine energy to take action on what  your heart desires . . .

A Feminine way of guiding your plans and success . . .

Creating Happiness,
Empowerment and
Satisfaction in your everyday life.


Living an irresistible life is about enjoying the happiness and satisfaction in your relationships and life experiences.

Are You Ready To Start Living An Irresistible Life?


Do you want

To be in Healthier shape

To have a Fulfilling career

To enjoy a Satisfying Love Life

To de-clutter and get more Organized?

Take it all to a new level and Live An Irresistible Life


Have you ever been consumed with your problems that you forget about the joys in your life? It's time to refocus on the things you enjoy in life!

Refocus and create balance in the different parts of your life 

An Enhanced 4-week Practice of Positive Masculine Energy


Level One

Easy 7 day Program

When used properly, your MASCULINE ENERGY can make life sweet.

It’s the counter balance to your feminine energy. 

Your masculine energy helps you

organize, plan and take action.

Masculine energy =>  getting things done.

Why not use this energy to enhance your happiness?

Begin with your heart-felt desires.

Your wants.

Your goals.

Make your dreams a reality . . .
A 7-day practice of positive and productive masculine energy

With practice, Feminine Power becomes a part of your daily existence.  You're able to exercise wisdom, composure and gracefulness in a way that makes you a shining light of softness in any situation.


Feminine Power is an inner glow that makes you irresistible. It gives you inner strength while emanating an outer softness that's alluring. It displays the solidness of your personal boundaries while maintaining an openness to life

The balance of Feminine Power helps you succeed in any area of your life by finding personal clarity in the continuous press of achievement (masculine energy) and creating purpose within the constant flow of emotions (feminine energy).