Feminine Power!


Tatia BlogFeminine Power . . .

is an inner glow that makes you irresistible.

It gives you inner strength while emanating an alluring outer softness.

It creates an aura of inner and outer beauty that’s simply magnetizing.

It causes your words to resonate with poetry and purpose.

It displays the solidness of your personal boundaries while maintaining an open and inviting demeanor.

Feminine Power is all Woman . . . 100% YOU.


And the secret to your Feminine Power is knowing how to allow your feminine energy to guide your masculine energy . . . words . . . actions . . .  and more.

There’s an Energy Connection at work and the secret revolves around using it to your advantage . . . understanding the natural flow of energy from a man (masculine) towards a woman (feminine).

Feminine Power is about Leaning back.

Feminine Power is speaking, acting and existing from your feminine energy in all things relationship.

Feminine Power is recognizing that attraction and connection are natural results of  your feminine energy.

Watch this video to better understand how Feminine Power relies on the flow of the Energy Connection.











  1. Kelly Ann on February 9, 2020 at 7:57 am

    This is very helpful. Thank you

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