Focus On You: Not Your Relationship


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Keeping the focus on you is a core component of my coaching practice.

This is about keeping the focus on yourself rather than a man.

When you’re thinking about a man, or thinking about dating, or thinking about a situation STOP YOURSELF, and instead focus on something about yourself.  

Get into what you enjoy about being a woman!

Ask yourself:
♥ What do you like to do that you enjoy?
♥ Where do you like to go?
♥ Get into the details of yourself  – your hair, nails, clothing, etc.

Keeping the focus on you means stopping yourself from talking about him and thinking about him and making your plans around him.

Get into your own schedule and keep it.

Don’t wait around for a man to call you or contact you . . . instead, keep the focus on you!

Check out the video and let me know how keeping the focus on yourself  feels to you.


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