Four Kinds Of Guys In Relationships


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Being Triggered By A Man





I explain the Four Kinds Of Guys in the Man Guide 

Just to recap, they are:


The Good Guy – who knows what to do in relationships and means to do and treat a woman well.

Emotional Desire



The Clueless Guy – who may not quite know the right things to do in relationships but he generally means to treat a woman well.

rowing not



The Difficult Guy – who has too much drama, too many issues or other situations preventing him from doing the right things in a relationship, and while he may ultimately mean well, his situations always complicate his life and get in the way.

row no



The Toxic Guy – who’s smart and knows what he’s doing and means to do it.  He doesn’t treat a woman well in the long run; he only treats her well enough to keep her stuck there with him or enough to use her.  He can also be the difficult guy deeper in the hole of drama, addiction, imbalance and hate.

withdrawn man



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But the video below is more about YOU than about the any of the types of guys or their egos.  No matter what kind of guy you’re dealing with, you need to practice your tools with him.


That’s because these guys (any type), trigger our feelings.  They trigger the buried emotions in us!  They trigger the “yuck” in our lives that we try to forget about.


And being triggered is a good thing!  Don’t run from it!  Because our response to triggers is HEALING!

sexy lean back

Yes, you get to heal what comes up when you’re triggered!

So this is about working on your “yuck” in the presence of a guy who’s triggered you.

When you’re triggered, that’s the time to face the 




hidden deep inside of you.

leaning forward

When any of these emotions come up in response to something a guy has said, done (didn’t do) or caused, YOU GET TO HEAL IT!  Embrace this experience ans use it as an opportunity to heal!


So don’t just use the Four Kinds Of Guys as a reason to avoid certain guys (okay, maybe the difficult and the toxic), but also take it a step further and ask yourself


what was the lesson here for me to learn,

what yuck was triggered by this guy and

what can I heal from this experience?

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