Full Femininity

Full femininityBeing in your feminine power is about lipstick and coffee and foundation and eye shadow and eye liner and blush and hair brushes and flat irons and dresses and shoes and laughter and freedom and sunshine and flowers.

When my friends and I get together we experience all of this.  It is a gathering of queens.  We speak our truth and laugh from our bellies. ♥

It’s a renewing of the feminine spirit.  A reminder that we are that beautiful and wonderful.  That we are magnificent beings.  That even though we can lean back and enjoy the attention, we still have the freedom to step outside of our marriages/relationships/dating and devote time to honoring what makes us queens.  What makes us special.  We play, sing, dance laugh and support each other. ♥

I share this with you to emphasize the “Life” aspect of coaching. ♥


It’s got to be about more than a man.  You’ve got to delve deeper into yourself.  Find that loveliness that shines and embrace that it is always and forever a part of you, regardless of the current status of your love-life. ♥

Just something to think about. ♥

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