Sensuality – A Tale Of Two Teddies

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“What is SENSUALITY? It is often portrayed in the same light as and often confused with sexiness or sexuality. Yes sensuality can certainly be a part of sexiness and sexuality, and I would encourage you to explore this for yourself alone and with your man and as deeply as you can. Yet sensuality can be SO much more, felt far more deeply and farther reaching on a day to day, moment to moment level.”
Dominique (

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 Two Teddies

“Debbie” and I crossed paths in a mall.  

In Victoria’s Secret actually.  

We were across from each other at a lingerie display.  

She was buying two teddies.  

She spoke out loud and said “This is for my last try to get him to touch me, and this one is for the next man if he doesn’t!”

She had tears in her eyes.

The other ladies around us spoke reassuring and comforting words to her.

I handed her my business card and told her to please call me for a free consultation before she used the second teddy.

I didn’t expect to hear from her, but Debbie called me a few days later.

Her fiancé was very affectionate and loving, but recently he would tell Debbie that he wasn’t in the mood for sex.

She was confused and angry.

We worked together for two more sessions, and then I did not hear from her for a while.

Debbie finally emailed me recently.

It was three short sentences:

“It worked.  He loved both teddies.  Thank you Tatia.”

leaning back sensual woman

I’d like to share a few homework suggestions I asked Debbie to do.

She explored each one and wrote to me about how it felt to her as well as his responses.

I hope these notes are helpful to anyone else dealing with a man who’s losing interest:

leaning back woman and man who's losing interest

“Focus on yourself and see him as his own man, separate and apart from the relationship.”

“What turns you on about him? What do you appreciate about him?”

leaning back woman enjoying connection

“Enjoy connecting with him.”

“Experiencing these moments opening up.”

“Tonight, have a playful and light moment with him.”

leaning back woman being light and feminine

Compliment him (Matthew Hussey)

“Speak tenderness by speaking good feelings to him – tell him how he makes you feel when he does the things you like.”

feminine energy leaning back woman being tender with her man

“Make your bedroom a private, romantic and safe place for you to share intimate moments.”


“Be aware of receiving from him.”

“Notice him.”

leaning back feminine woman melting to her man's touch

“Love and sex are not routine events – intimacy is about melting and opening up to him.”  “You smile. You melt. You are warm. You unzip your heart. You open.”  Rori Raye “How To Create Emotional Intimacy With Sex”


“Change Your Approach.”  (see video)








leaning back to trigger his emotional desire


Create a Safe Space for Him to Focus on You and the Relationship . . .

feminine woman leaning back to create relationshiph space for a man


relationship space for a man

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