he listens

He's not perfect.

He's human.

And he's totally into you.

You like him.

You enjoy the attention.

You know he's a great person.

But somewhere in your head you hear "he's just not it."

Young couple in cafe, woman ignoring man

Are you ready to change this pattern?


Start by admitting that you keep thinking, Thinking, THINKING . . .

"He's not ______ enough."

"He's too ______."

"If only he wouldn't _______."

"If only he could _______."


Whether you realize it it or not, you're repeating a masculine leaning forward pattern.

And soon, this pattern may likely push him away.

He'll eventually accept your vibe that he's just not "it" . . .

And so will the next good guy.



Whether  he's the one or not.

You deserve to experience the benefits of leaning back with a good man.

being triggered 9


He's likely to ask questions to understand you better (and remembers your answers)

  • he has manners and may strive to be a gentleman
  • he believes in your goals, inspires and supports you
  • he has goals of his own, a decent work ethic as well as a purpose in his life
  • he's not abusive or rude
  • he's emotionally mature, meaning he works through his problems and doesn't let situations overcome or define him . . .

But remember . . . he's still human.

Male bodybuilder posing

Leaning back with a good man allows you to seek the depths of your feminine power.

He's the right kind of man to share the richest warmest feeling you can reach within yourself.

It can be reeling, but it's totally worth it.

emotional attraction2

The key is keeping your expectations in check!

You can never reach the heights of feminine power  until you experience totally leaning back.

This means letting go of your hidden masculine responses.

It means letting go of your fixed ideas of relationship.

Letting go of your preconceived notion of the perfect man.

It means allowing a man to be human.


First things First:

let him contact you


It's easy to do.

When he does something wrong.

You're angry.

You're disappointed.

You're all in your head.

Try taking a different approach.

Take an approach of acceptance.

Accept him as he is, with all his flaws.


Secondly . . .



He is entitled to be who and how he is.

Accept him.

Whatever is welling up in your head is all about YOU.

It's your stuff, not his.

There's something icky going on INSIDE OF YOU.

See this trigger for what it is.

And then get the heck out of your head!

Avoid the urge to project your feelings onto him.

Instead, deal with your dissatisfaction, unhappiness and anything else you're feeling.

Take a detour from criticism.


Finally . . .

complete within


This next step of the process will take you deeper and lead you to the truth of your masculine urges to criticize and judge a man.


1. Write out your feelings. All of them, mad, glad, sad, angry, furious - whatever it is you're feeling.

Each time you start to think of anything, pay attention to how you're feeling at that moment, and write it down.


2. When you can't stop thinking about what he's done to trigger you, try your hardest to focus on yourself.  Go within and feel your feelings instead of being stuck in your head.

Write down exactly what you're feeling, and then focus on something else good about yourself, and something that you like to do.


3. Practice being in your Feminine Power every time you are with him or communicating with him.

This is simply shifting out of your head into your feelings.


4. Enjoy the attention from other men who are noticing and admiring you . . . even if from a distance.

Allow yourself to lean back and glow in this awareness.


5. Schedule A Little Quiet Time and read over all of the feelings you've written down in your journal or notebook.

Take three of your strongest feelings and put them together into a few short sentences.  What does that feel like to experience the words of such powerful feelings within you?


6. Keep journaling your deepest feelings, focusing on yourself and practicing leaning back into experiencing and exploring these feelings instead of criticizing or judging him.

You'll soon notice that a good type of man will feel curious about what you're experiencing.  He'll want to get closer.  He'll become intrigued. And you'll already have the feeling words to share the wondrous current of feelings stirring inside of you.

Keep turning within and sharing your warmth.