5 Steps to Getting Out of a Sidechick Situationship

I get it.

He wasn't honest with you.

And now you're feeling attached, stuck in a  Sidechick Situationship and you're not sure what to do.


Just follow the Five Steps below to get throught this season of life as a Feminine, Powerful and Irresistible Woman.

Step One - Take a Moment to Heal.

Step One

Step Two - No Contact (give yourself a necessary break).

Step Two

Step Three - Set yourself up for making Better Choices going forward.

Step Three

Here's your Plan to getting back to Life. Even if you're not ready to go out on dates, this feminine guide will prepare you for when you're ready to start interacting with men again.


Learn more about what a Situationship is, how to deal with it and avoiding being in that position ever again.

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