I am a giver.

I am a healer.

I always find myself helping people.

I love this part about me, but what about me???!

Who's giving to me?
Who's taking care of me?

Point is, I've learned that I give too much.

So I'm focusing more on RECEIVING, to break my habit of giving randomly.


So how can you interact with others without always finding yourself in a position of giving?

Without helping everyone?

Aren't you supposed to show that you care?


The key to stop giving so much is to focus on your feminine energy.

Feminine energy is about being, experiencing feeling and being creative.

It's about receiving and responding.


So by focusing on your feminine energy,

you're into your feelings moment to moment

and you respond from your feelings.


You replace giving with responding.

That means you let the world initiate and you just respond.

You're receiving from the people you interact with and you respond to what you receive.

You respond with feeling messages and appreciation if it feels good.

It's that simple.

Practicing responding instead of giving and let me know what differences you notice.







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