Pause . . . And Just Be


No matter how much you lean back 

Do you still find yourself feeling like putting demands on your man?

Wanting him to do things the way you want them done?

Are you wanting to control how he treats you?


I’ve been there and it can feel awful.

You feel yourself leaning forward

but you can’t stop yourself . . .

You want what you want!


You feel your happiness (and maybe the relationship) slipping away

and you feel yourself falling back into old patterns.

You’re wondering why he’s causing all of this.


The good news is that you can change this!

All you have to do is STOP.

Stop demanding

Stop wanting

This is where you pause.


Pausing is stopping your old pattern.

You turn from your old way of responding.

You turn from your masculine impulses.

You turn your focus inward.

Focusing on your deepest most honest feelings.

Turning inward shifts your vibe.


Shifting your vibe is about getting more feminine when you’re acting masculine.

It’s about softening up and stopping all that “doing.”

Yes, stop doing stuff.

Stop making things happen.

Stop managing situations.

Stop making plans.


This is about letting go of the urge to control.

It’s about Just being.




Embracing being feminine.


Let him do stuff.

Let him make the first move.

Let him make the plans.

Let him get things done.

Let him row the boat of the relationship to the shore of the relationship you want.

Let him move the relationship along by stopping your urge to control.


If you stop everything and “Just Be”

you’ll be able to tell if he’s rowing the boat at all

or if you were the one rowing.


If you stop everything and “Just Be”

you’ll give him the opportunity to pick up the oars

and you can observe him

and process your feelings.


You can give yourself a little space for some “me time”

Plan things for yourself alone to pamper yourself

Interact with men out in the world who notice you

practice being feminine and soft

Smile and make eye contact.

Just Be.



Learn more about the Pause in the ACADEMY where I go into greater details and give practice examples










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