Learn how to draw him in closer!

a new approach to love

Let him experience a more feminine, loving and irresistible you!

This program includes:

6+ recorded webinars 

On-line & downloadable workbook (150+ pages includes transcripts of webinars)

Daily email program reminders (optional)

Leaning Back School

  • Course Level: Leaning Back School: How to Stay Irresistible
  • Academy Features: Six+ Webinar Recordings
  • Curriculum: On-line Workbook & downloadable workbook (includes transcripts of webinars)
  • Optional: Email Reminders and Reviews


Webinar One - Connection.

We discuss the concepts and tools involving Emotional Attraction, Creating Moments, Visualization, Masculine Energy, Feminine Energy, Feminine Power, Reconnecting With Your Feminine Power, Balancing Your Feminine With Your Masculine, Switching Between Feminine & Masculine Energies, Movement and Awareness.

Webinar Two - Warmth.

We discuss A New Approach To Men & Love, Changing Your Old Patterns, Knowing Yourself, Being Triggered, Healing, Your Negative Voice, Not Making a Man Wrong, and the tools of:  Slather Love, Shift Your Vibe, Being Vulnerable and the Pause.

Webinar Three - Passion. 

You spend this third week of the program learning about Pursuing Your Completeness, Your Passion Topics, what it means to Focus On Yourself, “Me time,” Doing what you enjoy, what it feels like to Be Happy, the Importance of Loving Yourself First, Sensuality and Melting.  You also explore the questions of: What Do You Want? What Don’t You Want? What Are Your Relationship Needs?

Webinar Four - Receiving (a crucial aspect of leaning back).

You’ll spend the week practicing new tools such as: Observing His Actions, noting how a man makes you feel, Appreciation, Allowing a man to pursue you, Accept Him & Enjoy Him Exactly How He Is, creating a Safe Space In A Relationship, Allowing Connection To Happen, focusing on Moments instead of Events, being turned on and turned off, The Rowboat, The Waterwheel, Dropping To Your Knees and Walking Through Bubbles.

Webinar Five - Responding.

This is the point of the program where you learn how to let your feminine energy influence your words and actions when interacting with a man.  There is a lot learning and practicing happening during this week.  You’ll work on Living From Your Feelings, Your Feeling Words & Actions, Your True Feelings, the steps to take in Processing Your Feelings, the Stewing Pot (Taking the Lid Off), Tenderness, Speaking Poetry and Beautiful Words, Verbal Communication, Rounds, actually Scripting out the right word to say to man in particular situations, the Good Night Talk, the “I’m Just A Girl” speech, the “I Don’t Want To Be A Girlfriend, I Want To Be A Wife” script, Listening Deeply and Non-Verbal Communication.

Webinar Six - The Art of Creating Moments which involves:

Being In Your Feminine Power, understanding that you must be the Center Of Attention, knowing that You’re The Prize, the various levels of Interacting With Men, when and how to use your Masculine Power, understanding your Rotation Of Men, Interacting With The World, Men Noticing You, Men Interested In You (Communicating), Spending Time Together (Dating), Intimacy, Dating Yourself, Easing Your Way Back Into Dating, Flirting, using your Intuition, strengthening your Man-Picker, Red Flags, Keeping a Man In Your Rotation, Treating Them All The Same, the different types of men (the Good, Clueless, Difficult & Toxic), the Emotionally Unavailable Man, Who’s Rowing Your Boat, Widening Your View, The Better Other Man, how to avoid Tolerating and Moving a Man Further Out In Your Rotation.



"A Unique and Affordable Coaching Option."


"I live the night shift so this program allowed me to work at my own pace."



"These webinars were fantastic.  I listened to them in my car on the way to the office."



"Tatia has a very light way of coaching.  I felt encouraged to keep going each week."



"The pretty graphics, Tatia's soothing voice and clear explanations made this academy a joy to experience."



"Intensely Feminine."



"I Lean Back with everyone now. My kids. Hubby. At work. I am honestly Irresistible!"


"Thank you Tatia for putting all this power in a female perspective."