Happy Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day – A celebration of Love.

As a Love Coach, I celebrate Love quite often, not just in February.


I especially use this time to acknowledge how much better love feels these days.

I’m feeling grateful for changes in my love life.

I’m thankful for not repeating past mistakes (anymore).

I’m looking back and realizing how sweet it is being in my feminine power.

Riffing to solve your relationship problems

It wasn’t easy. It took dedication and a willingness to change.

From this change I created a list of Personal Love Rules.
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I invite you to put together a set of rules about how you’ll interact in relationships and/or dating.

Your Personal Love Rules

These are rules for yourself only.

You can change or adjust them at any time and for any reason.

These rules are specifically about you
They ‘re based on what works for you, what you like and what you don’t like.

They’re based on your dating or relationship style and the type of love relationship you want.

These rules develop from deal breaker situations, red flags and other experiences with men.


Here’s An Example Of Some Of My Love Rules:

– No old (masculine) relationship or dating habits

– No expectations of anyone but myself

– I won’t drive to meet a date

– I won’t take phone calls from a man after midnight

– I Always have a “Plan B” so that I don’t feel “stuck” or let down

– I Keep time in my schedule (at least every two months) for good friends and family

– I stick to Sexual Exclusivity (and a man who’s honestly capable of it)

– I require at least 48 hours notice for a date.  In a relationship I’m spontaneous (depending on how I feel)

– I Express my feelings regularly (nothing gets shut up or hidden)

– I Listen closely when he speaks

– I Lean Back

– I Don’t Initiate

– I Don’t tolerate (instead I step back or walk away)

– I Never attack (verbally or emotionally)

– I Know my ultimate relationship goals and desires and I don’t abandon them

– I Know what my needs are and make sure they’re met


My list has taken some time to put together.

I’ve been working on it for many years now.

The most important thing is that it represents my truth and my love style.


NOTE: You can’t just search the web and come up with your love rules.  

They’ve got to be personally developed and specific to your needs and life.

And they affect you directly, never directed at a man.

What’s going on your list?


Wishing all of my clients, subscribers and followers a Happy Valentine’s Day!













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