Healing Your Heart To Improve Your Relationship

healing your heart to improve your relationship

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Letting go


the old



stuffing down

your bad feelings



those feelings


inside of you


a raging


Healing is

facing your feelings,

embracing them


going deeper



the bottom





The point of healing is to make things okay with you on the inside.

So that you’ll be more in your positive and in your truth, especially on the outside.

Because when you heal, something wonderful will happen.

Your core will be even more solid.

And your outside will soften.

You’ll exhale and release some of the tenseness, the sinking feeling, the soreness or the tightness you’ve experienced.


And the man in your life will notice the change.

He’ll feel the healing (he won’t know what it is, but he’ll feel it).

He’ll sense your extra softness and be intrigued with your inner strength (because it will radiate).

And you’ll lean back and be warm and inviting to him  . . .

But for any of this to occur, you’ve got to heal first.

You’ve got to go deep

into your pain,

your fear,

your despair,

your regret,

your fury,

your rage,

your sadness,

your confusion,

your anger,

your embarrassment


your blankness

and discover the truth of your feelings.


You’ve got to face the sensation of whatever it is . . .


Healing is dealing with all of the feelings I just described (as well as any others you may have).


dealing with a bad situation,

dealing with the stuff that happens to us, inside of us & in our lives and

dealing with the feelings  rather than stuffing them down or pushing them aside.


Face the feelings

Face the problems



Head on.



You start by acknowledging what you’re feeling.

Especially that feeling.

You know . . .

The feeling that makes your short tempered.

The feeling that makes you want to cry.

The feeling that makes you want to scream.

The feeling that makes you want to hurt someone.

The feeling that makes you curl into a ball and try to shut the world out.

The feeling that makes you put on a fake smile just so you can make it through the day.

The feeling that makes you want runaway from everything and everyone.


And whatever that feeling creates – just face it, gently, softly, slowly.

Let it just be there.

Let it touch you.

Let it expand and spread.

Let it go as far as it can go all through you.

And then just embrace yourself.

A big self hug.

Wrap both arms around yourself and embrace the feelings inside of you.

Please don’t close your eyes and don’t shut out the feeling.  Don’t shut down.  Feel your solidness inside.  You are stronger than this feeling.

Now talk.  Talk to that feeling if you want.

Say outloud what’s on your heart.

Say what you feel.

Speak your honest truth.

Let it out.

Once you’ve said your peace, I want you to search inside and look for something good.  Find a positive in that moment.

Look to something that made you feel good or makes you feel happy.

Look to something that makes you feel alive.


Now sit still with that good feeling for a while.

Expand upon it and let it go through your body.

Breathe it deep into your lungs.


Repeat this healing meditation as often as you need to.


Later on, reflect on other positive things that feel good in your life.


These are all baby steps.


We heal in baby steps.

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