Understanding men the way I do now, I’ve stopped the cycle of dead-end relationships, I’ve stopped being involved with the wrong types and I’ve stopped pushing away good men. Today, I’m experiencing love in a beautiful, delicious, positive and powerful way. You can too.


Haven’t you ever wondered: Why does he withdraw after what seemed to be a great evening? Why does he say mean things? Why does he ignore you? Why does he chase after you and then disappear? Why does he chase after other women? Why doesn’t he help around the house? Why is he so selfish? Why won’t he get off the couch and get a life?

No matter what kind of man you are dealing with, you need to practice your tools with him. That’s because men (any type), trigger our feelings. They trigger the buried emotions in us! They trigger the “yuck” in our lives that we try to forget about.

And being triggered is a good thing! Don’t run from it! Because our response to triggers is HEALING!

Yes, you get to heal what comes up when you are triggered!

So this is about working on your “yuck” in the presence of a guy who has triggered you.

When you’re triggered, that’s the time to face the





hidden deep inside of you.

When any of these emotions come up in response to something a guy has said, done (didn’t do) or caused, YOU GET TO HEAL IT!

Embrace this experience as use it as an opportunity to heal!

Ask yourself

"what was the lesson here for me to learn,

what yuck was triggered by this guy and

what can I heal from this experience?"


In my prior attempts to understand men, I was a fully operational one-woman-tactical and strategy team . . . trying to figure him out, trying to anticipate his next move, and trying to claim his heart.

To my despair, all of that analyzing and strategizing left me bewildered and dismayed. At one point, I had concluded that men were either boring, creepy, lazy, selfish, liars or conniving con artists. This was my darkened understanding of men. However, a few years ago I realized that I was looking at men in the wrong light. My focus needed adjusting.

What enlightened me was understanding the energy connection between a man’s emotional desire and a woman’s feminine power.

I now understand three important things about men that matter to me most, (1) their natural process of emotional desire, (2) their variations and (3) that men can’t be changed.

A Man Needs To Go Through The Natural Process Of His Emotional Desire For A Woman

The connection between a man’s emotional desire and a woman’s feminine power involves the flow of energy in which a man is naturally drawn to a woman. He wants to experience her essence. He won’t stop until he can close in the distance to connect.

Feminine power is a woman’s understanding of allowing this natural emotional attraction to happen. I call this Leaning Back. It’s allowing him to go through the process of being drawn to you, then moving towards you to connect. It’s also knowing that if you move towards him, it blocks and reverses the natural flow of his emotional desire.


Understand The Four Types of Men

There are four types of men: the good, the clueless, the difficult and the toxic. There’s also a hybrid of an emotionally unavailable man who is any of the four types, but is unavailable to make an emotional connection with you (though he may pretend that he wants to).

The good type knows what to do in relationships and means to do and treat a woman well. He’s at the top of male food chain.

The clueless type may not quite know the right things to do in relationships, but he generally means to treat a woman well. The clueless type is a work in progress and normally worth consideration.

The difficult type has drama, issues, imbalances, addictions or other situations preventing him from doing the right things in relationships. While he may ultimately mean well, his situations always complicate his life and get in the way of his treating a woman well consistently, if at all.

The Toxic type is crafty and charming. He knows what he’s doing and means to do it. He doesn’t treat a woman well in the long run, but only treats her well enough to keep her available to him. He can also be a difficult type who is deeper in the hole of drama, addiction and imbalance. His toxicity is apparent through his abusive personality, his manipulative behavior or his degrading speech.


Men Can’t Be Controlled

You can only control and change yourself.

The fundamental key is knowing that the choice of an emotional connection happening between you and a man belongs to YOU, not him!

Yes, it’s the woman’s choice.

So, it’s important to know what type of man works best for you and your lifestyle. This way, you’re not trying to change him or control him.

Instead, you accept him and adore him exactly how he is, and enjoy his natural process of emotionally desiring you. This is a woman’s power to love.

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