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when he is avoiding you

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he's avoiding you

Dear Tatia:

V has stopped answering his phone.  He not hanging out where he used to.  He’s not at mutual friend’s houses.  He’s avoiding me.  I want to talk to him about it.  What should I say?  Manasia 

Hi Manasia:

Good for you in realizing that you need to prepare a script of your feelings to discuss with him.

But before you even considering having “the talk” with him about his recent behavior, there are a few questions I’d like to present to you.

There are many questions to ask here, but not the questions you’d initially think of.

I’m not going to inquire about another woman, or a temper tantrum.

My question is simply:

Have You Been Leaning Forward?

Do You Remember the Energy Connection?

Recall that any interaction between a man and woman puts them in an energy connection bubble like the one in the graphic below.

When you (represented by the pink heart) are in your feminine power and are leaning back, then you’re following the Don’t Do List, and are receiving instead of responding.


leaning back

This position of leaning back creates the space (distance) between you and a man in this energy connection that makes him naturally and instinctively drawn to you

(see image directly below).



leaning back2

However, leaning forward, is the exact opposite.  It’s doing things on the Don’t Do List, it’s being masculine and interrupting the natural flow of  the energy connection between a man and a woman.  It obliterates connection!  You’re pushing him away energetically as shown in the image below.


leaning forward

What can eventually happen is that he will leave the energy connection.

Men do this.

It is a natural response to a woman’s leaning forward and acting

leaning forward2


So, have you been leaning forward?



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