How To Kick The “Ex” Habit


This is about the Better Other Man.

You see, you deserve to be treated like the queen you are.  You deserve what you want.  You deserve happiness.  You deserve to be with a man who finds you irresistible.  You deserve to be with a man who desires you emotionally.

Before we go any further though, let’s be clear that (1) this post is not about blame.  (2) It’s not about judgment.  And (3) it’s not about man-bashing.  Those are the three constant reminders to start off with before delving into the topic of a man you’ve been intimately and emotionally involved with.  ♥

No matter what the problems were, and no matter what his greatest qualities were, always remember that as far as your ex goes, there is a better other man out there for you.  And that better other man could also be the new and improved him – so don’t rule that out!

It’s all about your “man picker.” 

Well, actually, let’s start off with the fact that you have a choice in men (not the other way around).    Keeping in mind the red flags, the clueless/difficult/toxic guys and whatever boundaries you have in place to weed all of these factors out, you get to choose the better other man from the men who are pursuing you.  It should be a process you experience and enjoy because you’re focusing on yourself and the attention from these men.

In my programs we work on your “man picker,” your awareness of men pursuing you and dealing with the reality that you have a choice of a better other man.

In a nutshell, the key to kicking the habit of repeatedly returning to your ex (in thought, over the phone, in passing or in bed) is to embrace the fact that you deserve to have the love that you want!

And just as importantly, you have a choice! 

So kick the habit and ask yourself, “why would you choose your ex over a better other man.”









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