How To Make Him Feel Wanted

“It’s been said that you only truly fall in love once, but I don’t believe it. Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again.”  Anonymous

Feminine energy woman leaning back with her man showing him he is wanted

I didn’t realize it, but as he was rubbing my hand I was staring down at his hand smiling.  “Tell me what you’re thinking” he said.


Honestly, I was thinking what a great guy he was.
Instead, I shared my poetry with him,
I could stay in this moment with you for hours.

He laughed and shook his head no – “your thoughts please.
He was relentless, so I told him . . .
I was thinking that you’re a great guy.

He smiled and said “good to know I’m wanted . . .

Feminine energy woman letting a man know he's wanted

Does the good man in your life feel wanted?

Does he feel respected?

Does he feel loved?

Do you know?

feminine energy woman does he know he's wanted

letting him know he's WANTED

feminine energy woman letting her man know he's respected and wanted

A good man wants to be respected and treasured (just like you want to be loved and cherished).  He wants you to embrace all of his perfect parts with his not-so-perfect parts – genuinely.

When he knows he’s wanted, watch him light up . . . majestically!

Simple – let him know he’s wanted.

This is exactly how a feminine energy woman opens up in a relationship (without losing herself).  It’s the ability to show admiration and respect for the man in her life without making herself any less important than him.

It happens when you’re living and loving from your feminine energy.

Feminine energy and sharing your truth

Share your truth with him using feminine words and actions.

Let him know when he makes you happy.
It’s being, it’s open and it’s honest.

It can also be scary to be so vulnerable.


This feeling of fear is your stuff – and it has nothing to do with him.

If you can accept that fact, then you’re on your way to opening up to let him know your truth!

Accept that it feels awkward.

Let yourself feel nervous.

But STAY THERE in your feelings.

feminine energy woman staying in her feelings with her man

It’s HOW you say it.

feminine energy woman beautiful love words

Now, I understand that it’s hard to use flowery poetic words to describe a man.
But what makes poetry so intriguing?
So, focus on the feeling inside of you.

Now, what is it that he does that makes you feel this way?
Can you describe it in 2-3 words?

Go deep into this feeling.
This is where the genuine part comes from.
Linger there in that yummy sensation.

Now share those few words with him,
describing him
and how it makes you feel . . .

sharing good feminine feelings

He could be your husband for decades,
your high school sweetheart
your second or 100th date
. . . it doesn’t matter.

Speak your poetry to let him know he’s wanted.
Go into your deep and honest truth.
Feel what he brings up in you.
Enjoy how it feels.
Then put words to your feelings.

Speak what’s good about him.
Let him know you like it.
Be genuine. ♥

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leaning back to trigger his emotional desire


Create a Safe Space for Him to Focus on You and the Relationship . . .

feminine woman leaning back to create relationshiph space for a man

experiencing a good type of man





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