How To Stay In Your Feminine When You’re In A Bad Mood

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bridge to happy-ever-after

Coaching Tool – The Pits

(Beneath Your Bridge To Happy-Ever-After)

Your Bridge To Happy-Ever-After is a coaching tool we use to visualize your journey to the kind of love you want.

bridge to your happy ever after

In her program Commitment Blueprint, Rori Raye describes your journey along this bridge.


It takes you through the world of relationship events
(dating, kissing, sex, meeting his friends/family, trips together, “I Love You,” commitment, etc.)
to your ultimate destination – Happy-Ever-After.


Men appear on your bridge.

It’s any man who you interact with,
any man who’s interested and noticing you,
any man who’s interested and communicates with you,
any man who’s interested and you spend time with and
any man you’re intimate or sensual with. 

A man can lead you on this journey along your bridge towards this shared destination, 
he can walk beside you,
he can linger along the edges of your bridge or he can jump on and off your bridge . . .
but the goal is to always keep moving forward towards your goal.

The Pits

the pits under your bridge

However, there are times when we stop traveling on our bridge, and we jump off
(either following a man or because we’re distracted, upset or triggered).


When you jump down off your bridge, you’re in the PITS.


The pits are underneath and/or along the bottom of your bridge.

in the pits


It’s not a “bad” thing to experience the pits.

This is a time of working through your feelings and healing.

The key is not to stay in the pits any longer than necessary.

You heal, and then you get back up on your bridge and keep moving along!












  1. Megumi on October 19, 2015 at 10:26 am

    Thank you for this, Ms. Tatia. After i watched this video, i knew i did the right thing. Throughout the day i felt something heavy in my chest, my jaws, and on my shoulders. My husband wasn’t with me, and i knew i have to face these scary feelings of insecurities, anger, sadness, etc. I know i can’t rely on him whenever i feel this way. My body needed a touch from me to acknowledge these feelings. It is scary to feel these feelings because these are stuff i am so afraid of. And every day i get to face people who love the BS. It is frustrating!

    Thank you for listening. 🙂

    • Tatia on October 21, 2015 at 10:51 am

      Hi Megumi:

      Yes, my love, you are on the right track.
      It’s the feelings inside of us that scare us the most.
      This process is about getting to the core of your truth.
      You’ve taken a wonderful first step by FEELING it.
      When you feel that feeling again, be sure to ignore the BS of others and continue to go deep into your feelings and find your Power by reaching the truth of your feelings.
      Much love to you,

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