Lean Back in Your Thoughts (in 3 Easy Steps)

Lean Back in Your Thoughts


Embrace any negative thought about him (or any other man) and then let it go.


Gently shift your thoughts from him, and from the relationship.



Shift your focus to your Feminine and the things you enjoy.


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Also Consider the following . . .

When he’s in front of you, then he exists.

When he’s not in front of you, he doesn’t exist

(unless he calls you


reaches out

some other kind of way).





Keep a calendar and a schedule.

Please, please, please

schedule some “me time” for yourself.

Schedule some time for a good friend and/or family members.

Monthly, weekly or something else.

Have and maintain some “me time”

outside of your relationship

or dating schedule.




No planning relationship stuff unless he’s initiated, involved and active in the planning. But if he makes a suggestion and asks you to put it together, then you’ve got the green light.

It’s also okay to mention an event you’ve been invited to. Just be sure to use a feeling message. “I feel so excited about Jane’s party next month. She invited us and I’d love to go. What do you think?”





No future forecasting about the relationship.


Forecast for yourself only.

Not even about when you’re going to see each other next

(the only possible exception would be

when travel & schedule arrangements are involved).



Leaning Back in your thoughts

is about shifting to your feminine, pausing and enjoying that space and time.



If you want to go more in depth with your personal leaning back practices, then feel free to schedule a 90 minute coaching session with me.





Then begin with the HANDBOOK:




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