Lean Back to Stop “Relationshiping”

Relationshiping is a form of leaning forward

It’s when you try to control the relationship. 

Let’s reverse this masculine phenomenon

so you can stop the arguments

and stop being upset or frustrated!


Instead of Relationshiping, Let him put in the energy to move the relationship along.

This applies to whether you’ve just met, are dating, living together, involved for years, engaged or married.



Leaning Back (as I’ve described here) creates a safe place for him to focus on you and to focus on the relationship!

Give him this space to operate in.



Whether he’s pulling away, man-caving or leaning in hard trying to get his way with you,

allow him this space to show you what he wants and to (attempt to) do what he wants.



If he does nothing . . .

then use your feeling messages and poetry talk to tell him how you feel.



If you don’t like what he’s doing (or not doing), then you have three options – You can lean back even further,

take a step back, or you can walk away (see “Being Vulnerable”).



Your choice is your freedom, and your freedom is about movement.


Losing Yourself

How to Avoid Losing Yourself in a Relationship

Learn more about Movement and Leaning Back in the ACADEMY where I show you what to say and do to solve your relationship problems and get back to connection!








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