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Want to create a safe space for him to focus on you and the relationship?

feminine energy woman leaning back creating relationship space for her man

Well, Leaning Back gives him this Relationship Space to operate in.

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The point is to let him put in the energy to move the relationship along. This applies to whether you’ve just met, are dating, living together, involved for years, engaged or married.

No matter what your situation is – if he’s pulling away, man-caving or leaning in hard trying to get his way with you, allow him this space to show you what he wants and to (attempt to) do what he wants.

If you don’t like what he’s doing (or not doing), then you have three options: you can lean back even further, take a step back, or you can walk away. Your choice is your freedom, and your freedom is about the movement of leaning back.


The Point of Leaning Back is to be Pleased!

Pleased with your love.

Pleased with your man.

Pleased with your relationship.

Pleased with your life.

It involves:





This may seem contrary to everything you’ve been taught about love and dating – but the power of your feminine energy is key to creating the relationship space he needs to get closer to you!

Don’t believe me? Then practice the following Leaning Back tools for 3 days:

– smile at him more,

– hold eye contact with him for 3-5 seconds (then you look away and go back to what you were originally doing),

– laugh with him,

– hum or sing softly and

– making other non-verbal sounds like ooooooh, ahhhhh and mmmm.

Get more poetic with your words to him.

feminine woman love words

Infuse your words with feelings.

“I felt butterflies when I saw you.”

Lean back in your thoughts as well . . .

First, embrace any negative thought about him (or any other man) and then let it go.

negative voice exercise

Second, gently shift your thoughts from him, and from the relationship.

Shift your thoughts to you and the things you enjoy.

When he’s in front of you, then he exists. When he’s not in front of you, he doesn’t exist (unless he calls you or reaches out some other kind of way).

Third, keep a calendar and a schedule. Please, please, please schedule some “me time” for yourself. Schedule some time for a good friend and/or family members. Monthly, weekly or something else. Have and maintain some time outside of your relationship or dating situation.

NOTE: No planning relationship stuff unless he’s initiated, involved and active in the planning. But if he makes a suggestion and asks you to put it together, then you’ve got the green light.

It’s also okay to mention an event you’ve been invited to. Just be sure to use a feeling message. “I feel so excited about Jane’s party next month. She invited us and I’d love to go. What do you think?”

Fourth, no future forecasting about the relationship. Resist. Forecast for yourself only. Not even about when you’re going to see each other next.


the key to giving is receiving and responding

This is about existing and being in the moment. Leaning back and enjoying the pleasure of him and the relationship in that space and time. And then communicating, receiving and responding to him.

Receiving from him is opening up your heart and tolerating him giving you attention, gifts, compliments and more . . .

Responding is how you participate in the relationship with him, and it’s your form of “giving back.”

Responding is letting him know how you feel about what you’re receiving through communication, touch and creativity.


leaning back feminine energy woman positive masculine energy

But wait . . . There’s a masculine part to Leaning Back and creating relationship space as well!

Your masculine power comes into play when you write out your scripts of what you want to say about how you feel, what you want and what you don’t want.

Think about it.

You know what you like.

You know what you enjoy.

You know what you want.

You know what your needs are.

You know your boundaries.

Having prepared your scripts and knowing your boundaries along with what you like, enjoy, want and need, you’re ready to be the responding partner (rather than the doing partner)!

I am Feminine


Now, I realize this is not an absolute approach to relationships.

There are vacations, work schedules, family obligations, kids, schools, bills, business issues, property and other matters to be handled.

However, I want to emphasize that we’re talking about connection and his emotional attraction to you!

This type of emotional connection needs space to develop, space to occur and space to thrive.

The only way that space happens is when you’re Leaning Back, letting his emotional attraction and desire for connection with you do what they naturally do.

To keep this relationship space, all you’ve got to do is stay Leaning Back ♥

Get started connecting and creating relationship space today with my Relationship Space Video series:

relationship space and leaning back is the key to his heart

Relationship Space Videos



leaning back HANDBOOK for feminine energy women


  1. Anna on July 23, 2022 at 12:05 am

    Wow. This is my first visit to your site, and I love your advice. Reading advice from other coaches like Katarina Phang or Rori Raye makes me feel anxious and like I’ve done all the wrong things. Reading your advice makes me feel hopeful and encouraged rather than ashamed. Thank you <3

    • Tatia on July 23, 2022 at 10:57 am

      Awwwww, thank you Anna for the lovely message <3
      I feel awesome that you are finding my website helpful.
      Hopeful and encouraged are truly feminine power words!!
      Enjoy the beautiful journey of being feminine, powerful and irresistible!



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