Leaning Back and Triggering His Emotional Desire

you need to
be in your
feminine energy (Leaning Back).


Leaning Back

Leaning back is how a woman exists in her feminine energy.

She’s feeling, receiving and expressing.


His Attraction & Desire

A man is attracted to you in several ways:





But these types of attractions do not have “lasting relationship” endurance!


A lasting attraction is based on his emotions!

leaning back woman trigger his emotional desire



A man’s emotions govern his heart, his head and his body.

When he emotionally desires you, it’s deeper than attraction . . .

he’s drawn to you

he wants more of you and

he wants a lasting connection with you!


A man’s emotions are naturally triggered by your being in your feminine energy.

So, Leaning Back allows you to be
receiving and expressive.

He desires this because

when leaning back, a woman

isn’t using any masculine energy

towards him!


Triggering his emotional desire for you
is about understanding and allowing
the flow of energy between you and him
which creates a connection.

To Stay Connected, You Can’t FAKE this!

You have to practice Leaning Back on a daily basis.
This way of being in your feminine needs to be a genuine part of you.
. . . How you speak
. . . How you act
. . . This all leads to being Irresistible.

It’s your feminine energy 
that triggers his
emotional attraction and desire.

leaning back with warmth to trigger his emotional desire

When he emotionally desires you:

He Wants To Experience You

And He Won’t Stop Until He Connects With You!

This is What Makes Him Fall In Love.



Whether you’re dating, in a relationship or married,
The secret to Triggering His Emotional Desire
Is in Leaning Back.
It’s what makes you Irresistible!



leaning back to trigger his emotional desire


Create a Safe Space for Him to Focus on You and the Relationship . . .

feminine woman leaning back to create relationshiph space for a man


relationship space for a man


  1. Lori on December 28, 2021 at 4:13 pm

    In the past when I met a man and we had a strong sexual polarity that was off the charts, I let him pursue me and then I shifted and went into the masculine. I baked him cookies and he would ask me to come see him and off I went. I made it too easy for him. I am very genuine and authentic, I don’t play games. I am not sure how to do this whole dating thing now.

    • Tatia on December 29, 2021 at 7:13 am

      Hi Lori:

      I totally understand what you’re experiencing.
      You started off Leaning Back in your feminine energy and then was lured into shifting into leaning forward masculine mode. Staying aware of this shift is a beautiful step in the right direction. Here are a few additional steps to help you ease into dating again:



      I dreaded those two words. The idea of dating again was exhausting. I feared the thought of making the same kind of relationship mistakes again.

      I wanted a different and better relationship experience!

      So here are the steps I took to keep Leaning Back while interacting with men and easing back into dating  . . .

      Easing your way back into dating is about starting small.  Taking baby steps.

      The first step is to take good care of yourself.  Keep your focus on you and what you enjoy.  Embrace and experience being feminine, just for yourself (not to impress a man).


      The next step is to start noticing the men who are noticing you.  When you go to the market, the cleaners, the mall, the kids’ school and even when you’re commuting to work.  This step isn’t about flirting.  It’s only about noticing, and feeling your response to that attention.  Allowing yourself to develop a pattern of receiving instead of initiating or giving.


      The third step to easing your way back into dating is changing how you interact with men who are interested in you.  This is about being in your feminine energy instead of your masculine energy when interacting with a man.  It’s about Leaning Back and stopping your old relationship habits and patterns.  Let these men show their interest in you.  Be curious about them instead of feeling judgmental or turned off.

      And if you’re interested, just smile and hold eye contact (for at least 3-5 seconds).  Let him ask for your number, and when he calls you, keep the conversation short.  No more than 15 minutes.  The point is to get to know each other face-to-face (social distancing, of course), not over the phone and via texting.  If your interactions with him linger in the telephone/texting phase, then release the feeling of anticipation and applaud yourself for opening up and allowing yourself to experience interacting with them . . . and then move him further out of your rotation and continue again with Steps One through Three with the new men you meet or interact with.


      The fourth step is spending time with men.  NOTE: This is not always about going out on a date.  Spending time with men is about experiencing the moments focusing on yourself and your feelings while interacting with a man.  This keeps you present and helps you slow down the pace.

      Finally, the fifth Step is paying attention to the changes you experience.  Make note of the old patterns that don’t fit any more with your new approach.  Check out the Feminine Energy Woman Dating Guide for additional steps.



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